Friction or frottage, Sleep and bedding themes, Well-fucked)

McCoy wriggled and buried his face in the pillow as he was pulled from sleep as he felt his ass cheeks being spread. A small shiver went through him as cool air was blown over his well fucked hole, still an angry red, wide open, and oozing cum from the multiple times Jim and Spock had fucked him that night. Who knew, Bones mused, that have two lovers was a full time job. He moaned into the pillow as the tongue painted a stripe from the base of his empty balls, over his messy hole, and up his crack. The face suddenly buried itself deep, nosed pressed between his spread cheeks as a tongue licked over his hole before easily delving past the slack muscle.

McCoy spread his legs wider, shifting and pushing back against it, seeking more. He gasped, a ragged broken sound as the tongue slid deeper, wiggling around to taste him, searching for previously deposited cum. Keening as his legs were suddenly spread wider and his hips are held still, the tongue fucked faster like a miniature cock as the mouth sucked on his wrecked hole and teeth tugged at its edges.

Feeling the mix of lube, cum, and saliva trail down his balls, slicking the chin that’s nudges them before it drips to the bed, a think rope of it to stain the already ruined sheets, Bones’ cock finally began to stiffen as he ground his hips helplessly against the bed.

Half-hard, McCoy cried out as the mouth suddenly left him bereft, his hole twitching against the air, painfully empty, begging to be filled. McCoy moaned, squirming and spreading his legs wider as a cock nudged his balls, slid leisurely up his crack, catching briefly at his hole. He tried to shove back, wanted to push back but the grip on his thighs allowed for little more than rolling his hips against his bed, tormenting his trapped cock from its position smashed between his body and the sheets.

Finally, oh god, finally the cock began to push in, his muscles easily spreading to welcoming it hope. Bones groaned as the head finally popped in, and let out a sob as he felt the ridge and knew it was Spock. The ridges that lined his cock were both heaven and hell, forcing his hole to open and close behind each one, scraping mercilessly along his prostate as each one rubbed over it. But that was when he wasn’t well fucked and already aching, when his nerve endings weren’t already raw and exposed.

Spock pushed in slowly, liking the sounds McCoy made when each of the ridges made it past his swollen ring of muscle, enjoying the sensation as the muscle spasmed and tightened behind each one. It was torture, setting fire to his already over-sensitized nerves, but it was wonderful and McCoy wanting more and his cock dribbled copious amounts of precum slicking his skin and sheet, allowing him to move more freely without his cock catching painfully.

Spock was obviously in no hurry, setting a leisurely based as he enjoyed the spasms of McCoy’s muscles. When it was finally too much and his muscle gave, Spock pulled up his hips, forcing Bones to pull his knees under him, and crying out as he humped helplessly against the air, missing the friction against his overused cock.

Noticing movement to his left, McCoy turned his head, panting as he took in the sight of a sleep tousled Jim, heavy lidded both from sleep and arousal. Jim’s hand was fisted around his cock, which rose hard and tall from a nest of golden curls, clearly interested despite all the action it had already decided tonight. Bones licked his lips, wanting to taste, feel it shoved down his throat, so he was filled at both ends. But Jim had other plans and slide off the side of the bed and moved out of McCoy’s field of vision.

Feeling the bed dip behind him, he what Jim meant to do, and it was proven when Spock thrust deep and froze, his hips stuttering and his cock growing even harder in him, seemingly pushing deeper. When Spock pulled out, he paused for a moment, and McCoy twisted and looked over his shoulder, seeing Jim grin wickedly as he pulled out of Spock before driving his hips forward hard enough that when Spock shoved into him, he slid up the bed. It was as if Jim was fucking them both at the same time, Spock’s cock just an extension of Jim’s.
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