A Good Plan 1/2, Steve/Danny

Date: 2011-05-14 04:59 pm (UTC)
Steve knelt, holding himself open for Danny as the man muttered over the tube of slick. “Danny.”

“Yeah, yeah, just a sec...” Danny trailed off and Steve knew he’d lifted his eyes from the lube. “Now that is hot, Steven.”

Smiling into the pillow he had his face pressed into, Steve swayed a little as Danny laid a hand on the small of his back. “Come on, Danny.”

“Patience, Grasshopper.” Danny smacked him on the ass. “Spread yourself wider, Steven.”

Steve shivered at the sound of his name and obediently slid his knees further apart on the rumbled bed. Danny shifted and gently licked at Steve’s perineum. “Guh.” Steve’s hand slipped and Danny huffed as he pushed Steve’s hand out of his way. The puff of air slid across Steve’s wet skin, raising goosebumps in its wake.

As Danny slid his tongue up to lap at his asshole, Steve slipped his hand down to rub at the wet head of his cock. He groaned and pushed back towards Danny as he kept licking. Danny held him firm and kept at it as Steve shuddered and moaned.

Pulling back, Danny rubbed as Steve’s hole with the pads of his fingers. “Good, Steven?”

Steve’s knees slid out, lowering him to the bed enough to rub his dick against the rough cotton of the sheets. “Yeees, Danny.”

With a laugh, Danny pressed his finger into Steve. “That’s good, Steven. You going to rub off, or let me make you come till you’re dry and sore?” Danny wiggled his finger. “Hmm?”

Steve scrambled back up onto his knees and forearms, burying his face in his arms. “Fuck me. Please, Danny...please.”

“Jeez. You’d think I’d never given you a good hard fuck, Steven.” Danny slicked his fingers. “Steven, give me your hand.”

Steve snaked back a hand and let Danny spread lube on it. Danny shifted Steve’s slicked hand to his cock.

“Stroke yourself.” Danny kissed Steve’s shoulder and lined up behind him as Steve started stroke himself with long smooth pulls. Danny slicked the insides of Steve’s thighs. “I want you messy, Steven. All covered in wet come and lube.”

Steve shuddered as Danny thrust a slim dildo into his ass. “Danny.” He didn’t even care that his voice was shaky. Steve closed his legs at Danny’s urging as Danny slid his cock between Steve’s thighs. The friction was minimal at first with the lube, but then it became more as Danny started thrusting. The underside of Steve’s scrotum was tingling from the head of Danny’s prick sliding along it.

“So good...Steven.” Danny twisted the dildo and it suddenly started vibrating. Steve whimpered and rubbed the leaking head of his cock hard. Danny’s strokes were spreading the pre-cum from his dick across the insides of Steve’s thighs.

The sounds of their skin slapping together grew louder as Danny tipped the dildo to hit Steve’s prostate and they were reduced to rutting. Little grunts and whines shared between them, as Daniel slammed his hips forward with every thrust.

Danny leaned over Steve back and whispered in Steve’s ear, “Going to lick your tattoos while...I fuck you with the...dildo, Steven.”

He broke and started to orgasm as Danny twisted the dildo back and forth. Collapsing forward, Steve’s cock rubbed against the sheets as Danny kept thrusting. Trying to press his legs together tighter, Steven moaned as the dildo vibrated in him.

Danny slammed against him and went still as he came. He sat up after a while and pulled the dildo partway out and then thrust it back in hard. Steve gasped and rolled his hips.

“You’re a mess, Steven.” Danny’s voice was breathy and Steve shivered as he leaned over to lick his arm tattoo.
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