Re: A Good Plan 2/2, Steve/Danny

Date: 2011-05-14 05:00 pm (UTC)
Steve whimpered and squirmed as Danny fucked him with the vibrating dildo. Danny pulled the dildo out and blew across Steve’s hole. “Da-Danny.”

Danny’s fingers were back and Steve wiggled at the funny feel of near-numb skin being slicked up with more lube. Danny slapped his ass.

“Stop squirming, Steven. Hold still and you’ll get fucked some more.” Danny’s fingers withdrew and then the huge head of their biggest toy started to breach him.

Panting, Steven groped at his messy balls and hardening cock as Danny slowly feed more of the thick dildo into him. Steve rolled his head to one side and groaned as Danny’s hand joined his.

“Such a messy cockslut, Steven.” Danny rubbed at the mess of sticky semen and lube on Steve’s inner thighs. “I could do this until I’m hard again and then fuck you properly, couldn’t I?”

Steve moaned and pressed himself back onto the hard dildo.

“Oh? Like that idea, Steven?” Danny slapped the back of one thigh and Steve drew in a quick breath. “You want to?”

Groaning, Steve shifted and tried to take all the dildo. “Please...Danny...Danny.”

With another open handed hit landed at the crease of his ass meeting his thigh, Danny yanked the dildo from him. Steve whimpered as Danny slid gentle fingers around the rim of his hole.

Fingers thrust into him and Steve rubbed his hardening cock. Danny fingerfucked him for a long time, adding lube when the friction started to become an exquisite pain. Daniel pulled away and Steve lay panting, rubbing his cock against the palm of his hand.

“You look so good like that, Steven.” Danny kissed the side of Steve’s face. “So good.” Then he lined up and sank into Steve’s ass.

Steve arched his back and he could feel tears forming at the corners of his eyes as Danny began fucking him. Sticky skin rasped as Danny grabbed the shaft of Steve’s cock and started pulling on him even as he snapped his hips forward.

They fucked with hard, steady thrusts that had Steve’s knees sliding across the sheets and Daniel having to grip his hip tightly to keep from fucking Steve up the bed. Panting and swearing under his breath, Danny kept thrusting as Steve’s body tried to orgasm.

Steve’s balls drew up, but there was nothing left and it hurt, but it felt so massively good as Steve squeezed the head of his dick. Danny gasped and brought his hips snug against Steve’s ass and stayed there. Swaying a little, Danny milked Steve’s shaft, dragging a low broken noise from Steve.

Danny shuddered and pulled out to splatter his load across Steve’s ass and back. They sprawled on the bed, chests heaving. Danny rolled into his side and Steve shakily gathered him close.

With a sigh, Danny pressed his nose to Steve’s collarbone and dropped off to sleep. Steve lay there petting Danny’s sweat slicked hair and smiled up at the ceiling. Danny was going to bitch about their mess later and then maybe Steve would fuck in him the shower with the large dildo.

A good plan, Steve decided, and he started to doze.
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